We use the highest standards of the industry from the latest technologies to the tried and proven materials. We use value based energy efficient roofing systems on our flat, pitched, metal roofing systems and coatings. The installers at Contract West Roofing are trained for the most comprehensive installation of every aspect of each product of the roofing systems we provide. Our personnel go through weekly and monthly safety training for the safety of our personnel and most importantly the safety of you our employees/family members. So we may be able to provide you with the most reliable value based and complete roofing system that will withstand the brutal winters and the harsh heat of the summers. Not all roofs are the same one roof will not cover all that is why we at Contracts West Roofing use a variety of high quality value based brands of roofing. We can design a system that is just right for you and for your building or home. We strictly adhere to the uniform building code and install all of our products in strict conformance to all written and detailed specifications of the Manufacture to all of our design procedures to bring you the utmost value and longevity for you and your roof. We at Contract West Roofing furnish some of the highest Manufacturer and Labor warranties available for your business or home. We take care in the removal of your roof we work with you and do are best to keep your business functioning at normal capacities as much as possible during the process of replacing your roof. We do a constant job in cleaning and protecting your business or home from the debris created during and after the construction progress. We take the utmost care to keep your business or home water tight during the roofing phase. So let one of our professionals come out and help you take care of any and all of your roofing problems.


We have been installing roofing projects over the western United States for over thirty years ranging from Residential, large commercial and Government projects. Roofing practices range widely from state to state we have seen and repaired or replaced all different types of roofing that range in all different types of applications and many different materials. With this comes a great knowledge of what hundreds of different Roofing Companies have installed, we have seen what types of systems, applications and all areas that effect the longevity of roofing systems over the course of 10,15,20 and sometimes as much as 30 years. With this knowledge we can look at your roofing needs and design the best roof system for you.

How do you know as a Roofing Company what materials will perform up to there stated life cycles?

When a Manufacturer brings a new product online they do what is called accelerated weathering, ( in a nut shell) they put it through a bunch of  random weathering tests in a short period of time to see how it performs then gives it a rating. We have seen all roofing systems applied over all of the Western United States and have seen actual weathering over long period of times and know first hand where their strengths and weaknesses are so when we design a roof system we know where to add to the weakest part of a roof assembly to get the highest maximum performance out of the system. We also know for a proven fact what systems really will give you the best life cycle or give you the best bang for your buck.

We specialize in Commercial Roofing and Repair, Government, and Residential roofing needs.  We work with many types of roofing materials including single ply membrane, metal roofing systems, built up roofing, asphalt shingles, cedar shingles, roof repair, and skylights.  Contract West Roofing also provides roof repair services.  Please contact us for more information.