Roofing Repair


Roof Repair - Fixing Leaks and Roofing Damage

At times even a well-built roof will succumb to the elements and get a leak. At Contract West Roofing we carry a broad line of materials to fix any sort of roof damage that can cause leaking. When leaks are found, it's important that they be repaired immediately to stop additional damage from occurring. If you've found a leak in you roof, please contact us immediately.

We also are able to repair problem areas on roofs that other companies have tried to fix in the past with poor results. Many roofing companies offer repair services, but they lack the experience needed to restore a roof to 100% working condition. At Contract West Roofing we have employees that specialize in roof repair and they are trained specifically to identify and fix a variety of problems with roofing systems.

Emergency Roof Repair

Contract West is fully equipped to handle emergency roof repairs for both new and existing clients. We understand that time is of the essence when your roof has sustained serious damage and we can respond quickly.

Roof Repair Warranty

In most cases, we are able to offer warranties on our roof repair services, even on roofs that were installed by other companies.